DM Squared is a new venture founded by two individuals with much more in common than their initials.

Born on the same day in the same year, Didier Mormesse and Duncan Morris worked as colleagues in the same company for 13 years and, for a time, with the same job title (in different regions).
It was inevitable that we would combine our 60 years’ experience across global media companies, research agencies and digital startups to begin a new chapter in our parallel careers.

DM Squared represents the power of two – multiplying our skills and knowledge to deliver a range of new business intelligence, market research and insight services to clients in the media, advertising and marketing fields.

Where we have worked:Work_experience

We have designed and delivered insight projects for the largest global marketers across a range of sectors.

We have worked with some of the world’s leading market intelligence, consumer insight and media measurement companies.


DM Squared’s founders are experienced conference speakers and are veterans of numerous press conferences and media interviews.

Didier is a seasoned educator and delivers media-related courses at leading business schools.